Alloway Township Youth League - Glen Remster Memorial Recreation Complex

Alloway Township Youth League - Glen Remster Memorial Recreation Complex

Giving back to our community is a essential part of our business philosophy here at RCL Enterprises Inc. Not just giving back in monetary value but, also, giving back to the community with our time and effort is something that means a lot to RCL, our staff members, and, even more, the members of the community. Social responsibility has been something that has come natural to the management as well as employees of RCL Enterprises Inc.

This past baseball season of 2015, the Alloway Township Youth League had its recreation complex dedicated to Mr. Glen Remster who was not only one of the founders of the ATYL but was a leader among the Alloway Twp. community. Glen Remster went to Woodstown High School and played multiple sports including football, basketball, and baseball. His love for sports and what they did for the community developed into much more as Glen became heavily involved in both Alloway and Woodstown sporting events.

During the 32 year operation with his wife Gloria at Remster’s Market, Glen helped to make sure that the youth of Alloway had the opportunities to play and partake in organized, local sports.  Also, every year Remster’s Market sponsored a local softball team and the team’s legacy carries on through today.

In July of 2011, the community of Alloway lost Mr. Glen Remster and a great man and a key part of the Alloway community. Throughout his life, Glen was always doing something to help and support local sports. It was not uncommon for him to be behind the plate umping one day, on the court refereeing the next, and/or on the sidelines supporting any and all types of youth sporting events the following day. Even while at “work” Glen was steadily promoting local sporting events and always had a story to tell. He was a Philadelphia Eagle fanatic and back in the 80’s even Ron Jaworski came down to Alloway, NJ multiple times to have a cup of coffee at Remster’s Market.

Glen Remster will never be forgotten and his legacy will live on with others within the community. This sign will serve as a remembrance to all that Glen Remster has done for youth sports in Salem County and forming the Alloway Twp. Youth League.

With many employees & their families being involved in a sport within the A.T.Y.L., RCL was more than proud to install the sign after being asked to do so by the ATYL’s officers.

Also, RCL Enterprises Inc. has built two of the back field’s dugouts and another field’s fence. Displaying efforts of gratitude and appreciation by going over and beyond to help the A.T.Y.L. is essential to carry on the tradition of giving back to our youth league like Glen Remster started.

We wanted to thank Gloria Remster, Gayle Remster, as well as the Alloway Township Youth League for all the great things that they do for the youth in our local community!