November 2017 Employee Spotlight

November 2016 RCL Enterprises Employee Spotlight

RCL Enterprises is proud to put our employee spotlight for November on Mike Yocius. Mike has been an integral part of RCL operations since 2007. RCL CEO Nicole Biro states that Mike is “a reliable, irreplaceable part of RCL Enterprises Inc. His understanding of customers’ needs and wants, as well as his ability to handle a wide variety of tasks has lead Mike Yocius to become one of the head construction project managers here at RCL.”

My desire to achieve results beyond expectation not only defines me as a person, but is also the foundation of the organization I represent,” says Mike. Mike’s virtuous and organic philosophy on life makes him as kind and thoughtful as they come.

In his spare time Mike enjoys spending time with his wife Kim and daughter Aislyn. He is an avid fisher, hunter, and outdoors man. Much of his time is spent with family, friends, and loved ones. In addition, Mike plays multiple instruments including but not limited to the guitar, drums, & keyboard.