Jim McAleer

Jim McAleer

Jim McAleer is the owner and President of Solar Electric NJ, LLC.  SENJ sells and develops solar pv systems, for both residential and commercial properties.  Jim started in the renewable energy industry 10 years ago and has, or is, in the process of developing systems in size from a 5,000 watt residential system to a large 528,000 watt system for one of the largest testing labs in the world.  Solar Electric NJ’s sells solar systems for, RCL Enterprises Inc. RCL has been installing solar system in NJ for over 16 years.  They are one of the most respected installers in Southern New Jersey and are qualified as a “Quality Assurance” contractor by the State of New Jersey Office of Clean Energy.  In this time frame they have installed over 3,000 solar systems.  We welcome anyone considering a solar system to ask for our complete reference list.  We are proud to be a “LOCAL” company, and take great pride in our work and service.

Assisting Solar Electric NJ and it’s clients in the renewable energy field, is Jim’s knowledge of over 35 years in the building industry, having built communities totaling over 3,000 homes.  Previously a partner in one of the largest and most respected  privately owned residential builders in Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware, Jim was responsible for all aspects of the industry.  Prior to entering the solar PV field, he was a V.P. for the largest residential builder in the City of Philadelphia.  He has been involved in sales, marketing, product design, value engineering, town approvals, permitting, inspections and acceptance by the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), warranty and customer satisfaction, and total project and community management.  Jim was the first builder in the tri-state area to achieve the designation of Graduate Master Builder from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  He also holds the coveted designations of M.I.R.M and C.A.A.S.H from the same NAHB.  He is a past President of the Builder’s League of South Jersey and a recipient of Builder of The Year, and is inducted into the Builder’s Hall of Fame.

Jim has served as an elected Councilman in his home town.  He is currently a member of the Virtua Hospital facility planning committee, and was a Foundation Board member of over 26 years. He is on the Board of Genesis Counseling Center, and is a past Board Member of the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.  In this capacity Jim was co-chairman of the Building Committee overseeing the design, planning, and construction of both the new home and the addition completed later.  He currently sits on the House Operations Committee.

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