Nicole Biro

Nicole Biro

Nicole Biro is the CEO of RCL Enterprises Inc. and the daughter of Bob and Mae LaRoy. Nicole moved from upstate New York in 2007 with her husband, Terry Biro, and their two daughters, Madison and Rachel, to Alloway Twp. in order to join and help expand the family’s construction business.

As CEO, Nicole Biro is the internal business manager, director, and is a woman of many hats here at RCL Enterprises Inc. Nicole’s diligence, attention to detail, hard work, love for her job, and pride in her company has helped to enable RCL to grow to another level of business, customer-satisfaction, and social responsibility.

She has past experience as a customer service manager at a local store, warehouse, and a bank. She and her husband, Terry, even had their own dairy farm while living in New York State. This makes her no stranger to hard work.

In her time away from work, Nicole enjoys being with her husband Terry and her two girls. Some of her favorite activities include going to the beach, enjoying time with friends and family on the boat, and getting to spend time away on vacation.

On top of it all, she is a great mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and more. What the public does not see is that Nicole Biro is an intangible member of the local community. As much effort that is dedicated to work; she organically devotes about twice as much to events outside of work. Nicole Biro is highly active in volunteering/helping with local causes within the community, giving to and helping with Salem County & Alloway Twp. events (i.e. the Alloway Halloween Parade, the Salem County Fair, etc.), giving back to and being a key part of the Alloway Twp. Youth League, helping local non-profit organizations & schools (including Habitat for Humanity of Salem County & others, Woodstown High School, Alloway Twp. Elementary School, Ranch Hope, plus many more), donating to ambulance squads & fire department throughout South Jersey, and helping countless others.

Both personally and professionally, Nicole believes in and displays a social responsibility not duplicated by many in business throughout South Jersey.  The more her hard work provides, the more she gives. Her passion for helping others, diverse background, thoughtful decision making, and positive energy has allowed for Nicole to become the unique leader and woman she is today.