RCL History

RCL Enterprises History

After much research, consideration, and a recommendation from a close family friend; Bob LaRoy made a decision that has ultimately and positively altered the well-being for future generations of his family. In early 1998, Bob LaRoy and his wife Mae made the move to Alloway Twp. in rural Salem County, New Jersey and incorporated RCL Enterprises in June of 1999.

After 27 years in the carpenters’ union in upstate New York, Bob decided to take an early retirement and move to South Jersey where the construction industry was booming in hopes to build a company to pass along to his children. In June of 1999, Bob started as a one man show here in Alloway, NJ but, quickly, started building a stellar reputation and adding a few new employees.

With business constantly increasing and the need to expand, Bob’s son, Paul LaRoy, decided to join his father in business and move to South Jersey. After having his own construction company for two years and being a member of the carpenters’ union for 13 years, Paul left New York with his family in 2001 to join his father.

From 2001 to 2007, Bob and Paul LaRoy actively worked to build a highly reputable construction company. They acquired many residential and commercial projects that allowed them to showcase to their new tight-knitted community their company’s and family’s top-of-the-line, high quality work. Their genuine loyalty and desire to satisfy their customers combined with the pride and love of their craftsmanship were the catalysts that allowed RCL Enterprises Inc. to flourish. The company grew from their one pickup truck into a highly reputable construction company experiencing aggressive growth and development.

As the construction growth was occurring, Bob was approached by a local individual who asked if he would be interested in installing two solar projects in Gloucester County, NJ. One of the installations was on the roof of the EIRC Building in Pitman and the other was installed for the Pitman Animal Hospital. Both projects were completed in 2003. Bob saw South Jersey’s need for a reliable, local solar energy company and knew that adding a new service in a different industry to RCL Enterprises Inc. would allow for even more growth for his family, company, and new community.

After completing these projects you can say “the fire was ignited” and RCL Enterprises Inc. decided to pursue providing solar energy solutions for residential and commercial clients throughout all of New Jersey. RCL Enterprises Inc. soon became a New Jersey State certified solar energy installer. The first two turnkey solar projects completed by RCL Enterprises Inc. were for Jon Hall, a resident of Alloway Twp., NJ, and Torrey Reade, a resident of Lower Alloways Creek Twp., NJ. Torrey had applied for and was awarded a USDA Grant for her farm’s solar project. Today, both Jon and Torrey are still great friends, have had RCL complete many construction projects, and are referral partners of RCL Enterprises Inc. to this day.

In 2007 with construction thriving and the solar division on “ground-level,” Bob and Mae’s daughter Nicole and her husband Terry Biro moved down to Salem County, NJ in order to help with the company’s growth. Terry, who was a 15 year member of the carpenters’ union in New York State, quickly became a valuable asset within RCL Enterprises Inc.’ solar department and began expanding that part of the company.

In 2009, Nicole entered into the family business as well.

Even though New Jersey State’s rebates have diminished over the past few years, RCL has stayed and will continue staying on the cutting edge of the solar industry. This allows the company to establish new methods and techniques of growing along with others in local industries to make it possible and affordable for local residents to switch to clean renewable solar energy solutions for their households. RCL Enterprises Inc.’s success has not only decreased South Jersey residents’ carbon footprints but has greatly lowered leasing customer’s utility bills as well as eliminated many others’ electric bills who’ve purchased solar systems.

RCL Enterprises Inc. offers unique leasing options with multiple industry leading companies for residents throughout all of New Jersey. RCL goes out of their way to educate their clients in the pro’s and con’s, the correct expectations to have, and much more during the process of utilizing solar energy solutions from RCL Enterprises Inc. Not only does RCL reinforce their commitment to their customers by maintaining a high level of customer relationship management and steady communication, but, also, they promise to be there for any questions, concerns, and/or emergencies a client may have during the rest of their lives reaping the rewards that solar energy offers.

One of RCL’s solar specialists is there from the first home visit to the commissioning of your solar project. They work with the State of New Jersey, the leasing company, your local township, and your utility company to guarantee complete satisfaction.

One of the core business competencies RCL continues to develop and enhance amidst their company’s growth is the genuine care for their customers. By actively listening to and steadily communicating with all of their clients, RCL truly understands each of their individual wants and needs. They then go above and beyond what is expected in order to meet and even exceed their customers’ expectations. RCL will do whatever they can and is necessary to help satisfy each of their customer’s concerns, needs, and wants.

The RCL Family has grown to include dozens of employees as well as thousands of satisfied customers, and is something much larger than the LaRoy family. This concept of working together to help improve the family’s overall well-being that Bob has embedded within the company’s motto from the beginning has, more or less, turned into a strategic competitive advantage that not many others in either the construction nor the solar industries can replicate. It has taken years upon years of hard work and dedication but has proven to be quite the effective method for RCL here in Salem County, NJ and the surrounding communities and Counties within South Jersey.

By growing with a family-like mentality, RCL Enterprises Inc. and its staff members give each task their all, just as they would for their very own family. RCL’s family-like treatment of clients and the positive yet professional work environment created helps to ensure the highest of quality workmanship and continued growth as “the family” continues to grow with their clients’ families.